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In this blog post by Mama and The Word, I will show you 20 inspirational Morgan Haper Nichols quotes for mamas that can help to inspire, motivate and build up your spirit as a busy mother, so you no longer feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or uninspired. It will also aid your focus on your emotions, acknowledge your inner thoughts, help you feel calmer, and develop a healthy self-care routine. So make sure to read to the bottom of the post, and don’t forget to grab my free 5- day bible reading plan for busy mamas

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5-day bible reading challenge by mama and the word

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Hi I’m Gem

I am a busy Christain wife & mama. I have been married for the last 15 years to my best friend. We have four wonderfully individual children together, 16, 14, and 4 (x2). 

We have lived in two different countries, traveled halfway around the world with our children, and back again. Experiencing some unique cultures, languages, and people.

I found God along the way too. It’s now my mission to share that journey with you and help you in your journey with God, your family, and your kitchen too. 

By giving you the tools and resources to help you grow closer to the Lord, understand your family more, and develop your skills in the kitchen. 

Each of us has a god-given gift or talent that he created us with for His purpose.

And if this is your first time visiting Mama & The Word, put a heart in the comment box below so I can officially welcome you to the community. 

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5-day bible reading challenge by mama and the word

So Here Is My Quick Confession!

I love Morgan Haper Nichols’s work. I first became aware of her incredible talent when I found her work on Pinterest. At the time I was pregnant with my twins.

Her poems and inspirational verses really touched a chord with the emotions that I was feeling and experiencing and helped me to process my thoughts and emotions.

20 Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes For Mamas - twin babies

Who is Morgan Harper Nichols?

Born on the 4th of February 1990 Morgan Novelate Harper is originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

She is a Christian artist, songwriter, and poet whose work is inspired by real-life interactions, people’s stories, and the meaningful connections that she makes with others.

Morgan Harper Nichols now lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and son. This is also where her studio and shop can be found.

Her blog and online shop garden24 are filled with beautiful things. From stationery, art print, greetings cards, stickers, homeware, books, and other wonderful things you are sure to find an amazing gift for someone special here.

In 2017 Morgan requested that people submit their stories to her for a project that she created.

She then created an artistic response to these stories and shared them on a daily basis via social media and so her following grew. She now has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

Her collection of poetry in her first book titled All along you were blooming (2020) made her a WJS Bestseller with over 100,000 copies of her book being sold.

She then went on to produce How far you have come and her latest book is called Peace is a practice.

Read the MHN quote below

“I do not know where tomorrow will lead but I do know I am free to give my all with audacious hope for what could be.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Also on the app storyteller you can find more wallpaper art, journal prompts, word of the day, and much more to help inspire you on your journey with self-care.

20 Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes For Mamas. Mother and daughter having for with self care

Why Does Her Writing Resonate With So Many Of Us?

Personally, I find that as a mama of four I can sometimes get lost in caring for everyone else and I forget to look after myself.

Their needs seem to come before everything else and whilst I love being a mummy I also acknowledge that I need to be the woman that God created me to be and therefore I have to find a balance.

I think a lot of moms will feel the same way as I do but are scared to voice these emotions because of the judgment of others.

Social media along with other platforms can show unrealistic ideas of Motherhood that many of us cant achieve and therefore we feel that we are failing as a result of these images.

Inspirational Poetry & Quotes From Morgan Harper Nichols For Mamas

“Even though you have learned the skill of running on empty, now is the time to learn the art of breathing deep all over again,”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“You may not have chosen your surroundings, but you can choose to find life in them.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“She no longer had the desire to bend herself into the frame of photographs where she was unwelcome”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“Not everyone will notice the way you shine, but you will shine all the same in beautiful, natural ways.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Let Your Beauty Shine Mama!

“Take heart, gentle soul, you may not be like the rest of them, but you are still whole.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“Never let anyone who cannot bear your pain make you feel you are unbearable. Not everyone is capable of walking with you, but that does not mean you are not worthy of belonging.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“And here I am, in the middle of it all learning to see the beauty and truth in all I do not understand, I will hold hope within my hands that I can be here in the betweens and find joy right where I am and know endless, boundless peace running wild over everything.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“perhaps it here you will learn to be strong.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Mama You Are Strong!

“May you always be the one who notices the little things that make the light pour through, and may they always remind you: There is more to life and there is more to you.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“And here I am, in the middle of it all learning to see the beauty and truth in all I do not understand, I will hold hope within my hands that I can be here in the betweens and find joy right where I am and know endless, boundless peace running wild over everything.”

Morgan Harper Nichols
20 Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols QUotes For Mamas -  Strong mama

“You are free to forgive and you are also free to heal. You are worthy of love no matter how anyone else has made you feel.”

“And the beautiful thing about God is this: even though we cannot fully comprehend His love, His love fully comprehends us.”

Morgan Harper Nichols
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5-day bible reading challenge by mama and the word

He Knows & Loves Us Completely Mama!

“Were we really meant to rush with all abandon toward some earthly hilltop finish line? Or was God telling us something in those whispers to “be still,” that all along, it was necessary, to slow down, trust, and heal.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“Let today be the day you are kind to yourself and focus on believing what is beautiful and true. And this does not mean you ignore your imperfections. It means, in spite of them, you believe there is beauty to you.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“While you are waiting, you are not merely waiting. You are growing in your capacity to receive what was meant for you in the right timing.”

“You are not a burden. You are not too much. You are free to feel and trust: Even here, you are worthy of love.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Mama You Are Worthy Of Love

“Guard your heart from those that only love you in the shallow end; when you’re all made up, and out with friends. You were made for more than satisfying the eyes and momentary affections of those passing by. Your Maker has set a glorious depth in you, filled with purpose, intentions, grace and truth. And to love you, they must love Him, far beyond the shallow end.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“One day you will wake up and all of the waiting will have made sense. You will realize that all of the prayers that seemed to be tangled in worries were actually wrapped tightly in God’s grace. You will realize that even though before, you were certain it was over, you were actually…okay, and everything that was supposed to happen happened and you are right where you need to be.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

“i cannot tell you what lies ahead, bu I can tell you: you will grow. Your ability to keep going each day is a sign of courage on its own. I know that peace feels far away as you try to make sense of all the change, and I just hope you can remember this: You do not have to make sense of it all in order to be worthy of peace. To be the one who keeps breathing in the unknown is a brave and miraculous thing. Learning to exhale is no small feat. You are doing brave things even though it doesn’t always feel that way.” 

Morgan Harper Nichols

“I hope tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will see the Light in everything. And not only in the sunrise, but in the places that are harder to find, like in the hallways where you are certain you are only passing time, and the gritty gold dust flooring between the floor and the blinds, and every little thing that catches your eye, I hope tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will see the Light in everything.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

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What I Have Learnt From The 20 Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes For Mamas

I found that Morgan’s work brings me a sense of overall calmness when I read her verses or poems. It is like she is writing directly to me and that she understands the thoughts and feelings that I am experiencing.

She is so in tune with the emotions of a mother that it is hard not to appreciate her work. She also allows us to process and understand that these emotions are natural and that we should not fight them but rather accept them and grow from the place that we currently find ourselves in.

Being a mum is a difficult job no matter your age or stage of life. Whether you have a newborn, toddler, pre-schooler, junior, or teenager, each stage brings its own challenges.

It may be sleepless nights, tantrums, starting school, making friends, or the trials of growing up. Whatever it is you still have to look after yourself first before you can flow into others properly.

I think my point is Mama give yourself some grace to be who God created you to be. So long as you live up to His expectations and His will you can’t go far wrong and no one else’s opinion matters so long as you are following His plan.

So go rock motherhood, being a Christian woman, and living in faith. Whether you stay at home, go to work, co-sleep, have a routine, breastfeed, or bottle-feed your decisions are the best for you and your family, and that’s all that matters.

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Love Gem xoxo

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