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In this blog post by Mama and The Word, I will show you 30-April journal writing prompts for mamas that can help take the stress and overwhelm out of your day as a busy mother, so you no longer feel frustrated and overwhelmed. It will also aid you to focus on your emotions, acknowledge your inner thoughts, help you feel calmer, and develop a healthy self-care routine. So make sure to read to the bottom of the post, and don’t forget to grab my free 5- day bible reading plan.

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Say Hello To The Month Of April

Here are this month’s prompts for April. My prayer is that you find some different writing prompts that will enhance your creative writing ideas as well as give you focus for your thoughts.

Daily writing prompts can have a positive outcome on your mental health and well-being, so it is a great idea to begin journaling and see what improvements you can make to your own health.

The April writing prompts can give you an insight into your self-awareness and help you grow. The best way to begin using the April journal prompts is to either follow the list daily from 1 to 30 or to choose a question at random each day.

A study found that there are many emotional health benefits to journaling such as being calmer and happier

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the prompt ideas and have fun with them this April.

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What Does Springtime Mean To You?

Springtime is when we see a change in the season, the weather improves, we have increased daylight, and the world sees the birth of new life. Plants, flowers, and crops begin to sprout and shoot too.

There is an expectation of nice weather and being able to spend more time outdoors as we enter the spring season. With family vacations and alfresco eating, as well as the beginning of new life not only in the fields, trees, and waterways but also in the gardens too.

New seedlings to plant or transplant and seeing the first spring flowers bloom. Our world starts to see color popping up in front of our eyes and it gives a sense of better days ahead.

We begin to think about all the things that we would like to do this year and we have many new ideas to try the next time we have a day out or want to do something with the family on a weekend.

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Hi I’m Gem

I am a busy Christain wife & mama. I have been married for the last 15 years to my best friend. We have four wonderfully individual children together, 16, 14, and 4 (x2). 

We have lived in two different countries, traveled halfway around the world with our children, and back again. Experiencing some unique cultures, languages, and people. I found God along the way too.

 It’s now my mission to share that journey with you and help you in your journey with God, your family, and your kitchen too. 

By giving you the tools and resources to help you grow closer to the Lord, understand your family more, and develop your skills in the kitchen. Each of us has a god-given gift or talent that he created us with for His purpose.

And if this is your first time visiting Mama & The Word, put a heart in the comment box below so I can officially welcome you to the community. 

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30 April Journal Writing Prompts For Mama’s

  1. Do you play pranks on April fool’s day?
  2. How do you want to spend the first week of April?
  3. What does spring fever mean to you?
  4. How would you like to spend spring break if money was no problem?
  5. Do you celebrate world health day?
  6. April is national poetry month. What is your favorite poem?
  7. List what you do for a deep spring clean of your home?
  8. What is your favorite thing about April?
  9. List your 3 favorite fairy tales as a child?
  10. When do you think is the most beautiful time of year?
  11. What is your favorite book to read in Spring?
  12. Do you enjoy a spring picnic and if so why?
  13. Which is your most beautiful month and why?
  14. April showers or April sunshine? What do you like the most and why?
  15. What is the best thing you could do in the third week of April?
  16. Where could you go for free in April?
  17. What is your favorite hobby right now?
  18. Who was your best friend in 4th grade?
  19. Name a time you were in the right place at the right time?
  20. To celebrate Earth Day, think about one thing that you could you do better to make an impact on the earth?
  21. Do you enjoy spring cleaning? what is your favorite space to clean and why?
  22. What would be your perfect spring day? List what you would do, who you spend it with, and where?
  23. As it is world book day today. What book are you currently reading or about to start reading?
  24. Plan 3 fun ideas to try next month that are just for you.
  25. What would you tell your future self today and why?
  26. Name one good idea that you have been putting off? Why is this a good idea and why are you not doing it really?
  27. What is something that you want to start in this new season as a family?
  28. What would you like to do first thing in the morning? Write it down along with a plan to make it happen and now try it for one entire month.
  29. How could you be more honest on national honesty day?
  30. List your favorite part of springtime?
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What I Have Learned From 30 April Journal Writing Prompts For Mama’s

Being a mama is a tough job some days and other days it can be a joy. Our days can be filled with laughter as much as sorrow.

These months’ prompts have allowed me to focus on certain questions each morning that I may shy away from or not ask myself on a daily basis. I have found that they allow me to also process emotions and feeling that I have around certain subjects or events.

This has helped in aiding my stress and emotional overwhelm. I feel calmer, happier, and more in control of myself and my reactions to situations or things that would normally trigger an emotional response.

With all the highs and lows I have found that journaling has a way of grounding me and making me aware of things I take for granted as well as things to be grateful for so that I don’t become complacent.

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What I Have Found From Daily Journaling

It is easy to get thrown off by shine object syndrome or by what others have. When you really sit back and think about what you want and why it allows everything to come back into focus.

The spring writing prompts have given me a sense of freedom to express myself as well as improve my writing skills and help my self-growth through reflection.

I have found that I really love journaling and it allows me some much-needed self-care time as a busy mama.

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Love Gem xoxo

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