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Hi, I’m Gem, the founder, creator and blogger here at Mama & The Word

An atheist now turned vibrant Christian woman, I know what it’s like to fight your problems without God, and I have seen and experienced the difference with Him.

I have found now that I have God in my life, I know the difference He has made to me and others close to me, and I want to share these experiences with you. 

I struggled to find help and information when I was learning more about faith and God, and I don’t want other women to stumble on this journey the way I did.

About Mama & The Word

So that’s why I have created this blog in 2021, the content, and the community to go alongside it so that you can learn and develop in a safe and inviting space with other Christian women without the fear of judgment or condemnation. 

I am now a strong woman of God; I know who I am, what I stand for, and what I want.

I know how to deal with the situations that I face in life and how God is preparing, stretching, and guiding me along this path.

I hope that the experiences, posts, and products that I share with you will help you on your journey and that the community gives you a sense of belonging, understanding, and helps you navigate your new authentic self in Christ. 

I spent a long time being bitter and unsatisfied with life. Once I found God and understood what I should be focusing on and what my purpose was, I became happier, calmer, and more confident within myself, and this also showed in other areas of my life. I found that I was happier in my marriage, with my family, and in my work. 

I have traveled a lot and experienced other cultures and traditions as well as living in another country for several years and then returning home.

Both had many challenges physically and emotionally but with God, I was able to navigate them all and see the journey He was guiding me on.

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I wasn’t brought up in a Christian household but certain significant events that happened within my life led me to move overseas. I felt the pull of God before we moved and knew that going overseas was the right choice.

Whilst living abroad I joined a church, was baptized, became part of the community of vibrant women, served on a team, sang in the church band, took courses to develop, learn and grow as well as volunteered for activities and events within church and I loved it all.

Here is the link to the church I still call home. See who they are here: https://www.lifecf.org/who-is-lcf/

I had a purpose and drive and I had joy. Best of all I made lifelong friends with women who loved and understood me and accepted me and my past without question.

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We shared our experiences, our highs, and our lows and we grew together in prayer, fellowship, study, and the word. They pushed me to not give up on my dream and what God had planned for me.

For the first time, I found where I belonged. I didn’t feel like a misfit.

About My Mission At Mama & The Word

Now after much prayer, I get to live my dream which is to have my own business, to work my own hours around my family, and to do something that I love. Hopefully, I will be able to help other struggling women along the way and that is my act of service to God and to them.

We are all daughters of a king and we should be reminded of this daily. A wise woman taught me that we have power in our words and our actions and we should use them to build up others as well as ourselves.

He wants everything to work for our good and for us to prosper and I hope that you will see this in my content and that it will help you to enjoy your own personal journey with God yourself.

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