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In this blog post by Mama and The Word, I will show you how you can be more intentional with your time as a busy Christian woman, so you no longer feel overwhelmed, stressed, or disorganized. So, if you want to become more intentional with your time, grow in faith, and self-awareness, and feel calmer and more joyful each day. Make sure to read to the end of this post, and don’t forget to grab my free guide the 5 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Christian Woman| How You Can Be More Intentional With Your Time As A Busy Christian Mama

So as a Christian woman how can you become more intentional in your daily life? I think to be intentional you desire to know & grow closer to God, your faith, as well as find purpose and passion in your day-to-day life.

As a wife being more intentional within your marriage can mean becoming more rooted in faith together. Marriage is hard work and you need to be intentional daily to keep on growing together. Some seasons will be easier than others but with God and a grateful heart, you can have a strong grounding together.

Being intentional with your children requires you to be a constant and consistent role model to them. They are small sponges who constantly watch everything you do.

They mimic your habits good or bad. Therefore, we are the ones that shape their views on the world and the things around them.

We have the ability to build them up and develop their faith and develop them into healthy habits. To live intentionally means that we want to live to glorify God daily.

Hi my name is Gem

I am a busy Christain wife & mama. I have been married for the last 15 years to my best friend. We have four wonderfully individual children together, 15, 13, and 3 (x2).

We have lived in two different countries, traveled halfway around the world with our children, and back again. Experiencing some unique cultures, languages, and people. I found God along the way too.

It’s now my mission to share that journey with you and help you in your journey with God. By giving you the tools and resources to help you grow closer to the Lord. I know the struggles that I had when I was starting my journey with God.

How I battled with prayer, reading the bible as well as understanding it. Learning how to practice praise and worship with God, pray for others, serve in the church, and so much more…

What I found is no two journeys are the same. They are as unique as the individual is, and that is why it is my privilege to help you learn about God and what & why he has called you to do. I want to help you become a vibrant woman in faith.

Each of us has a god-given gift or talent that he created us with for His purpose. And if this is your first time visiting Mama & The Word, put a heart in the comment box below so I can officially welcome you to the community. 

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What Is The Definition Of Intentional states that the meaning of Intentional is as follows:



done with intention or on purpose; intended:

an intentional insult.

of or relating to intention or purpose.


  1. pertaining to an appearance, phenomenon, or representation in the mind; phenomenal; representational.
  2. pertaining to the capacity of the mind to refer to an existent or nonexistent object.
  3. pointing beyond itself, as consciousness or a sign.

To see the full definition then CLICK HERE: Intentional Definition & Meaning |

Why Are We Now Looking To Be More Intentional With Our Time As A Busy Christian Mama?

Intentional living has become a buzzword of late but what is the actual definition of Intentional? It states that to be intentional means that we do something with intention or on purpose. It is something that we intend to do.

With the busyness of life, we had been overrun with an endless to-do list of running errands, school pick-ups, clubs, and sports activities, housework, shopping, and countless other daily tasks.

Over the last few years with all of the events that have happened, we have had to slow down, stop even and look at how we are living. This has given us time to re-evaluate our lives, our beliefs, our lifestyles, our careers, our values, our physical, social, and emotional well-being, and our health as a whole.

New Beginnings

However, this time of year brings us a new season and an opportunity for new beginnings and good intentions as we start another new year. The events of last year and the year before that especially allowed us to pause whether we wanted to or not and re-assess our lives.

Our everyday life and the busy schedule that was attached to it were stopped in an instant and we were forced to stop and change our whole routine and way of life. What was once our normal had been changed overnight with no real warning.

As a mother especially when we would normally be overrun with early morning starts, breakfast, school runs, the load of laundry that awaits, ironing, meal planning, preparation as well as homework, sports, and clubs, and the list goes on.

While some of us may have de-stressed and rested during this time for others it may have been overwhelming with the many changes to their routine and daily structures, their work, finances, family, health, and other factors that may have affected their world.

Your Routine

Many of us had to change our whole routine, some of us had to incorporate working from home alongside homeschooling or caring for our young children. Life became even more of a juggling act.

This time may have allowed you to reflect on your wants, desires, and dreams. Perhaps you have started something new within this time period because of everything that has happened and this time period has awakened new ideas and attitudes causing you to want to live with new intentions and purpose.

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How Can We Be More Intentional With Our Time In Today’s World As A Busy Christian Mama?

There are many ways that you can become more intentional with the time you have, but first, you need to look at the reasons that may be holding you back from becoming more intentional with your time and doing the things that give you peace and bring you a sense of calmness and confidence to your day.

By looking at what your current day looks like with all the tasks that you have to do you can see the best way to plan out your new routine going forward.

Look at the important things first what are non-negotiables or things you need to do on a regular basis in your day as a busy mom.

We may all be Mamas but our days can look very different from one another. This can depend on if we are married if we have small children, older children, one child, or more.

Access Your Day

What is your cultural background, do you have other family members to care for, do you stay at home or do you go out to work part-time or full time, or do you work from home.

So next look at your day and the activities that you have to do as well as the activities that you want to become a solid part of your new daily routine.

Also, look at the activities that may be taking up your time. Social media can be useful but it can also drain your time as well as your spirit.

With easier access to social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites as well as Google you have to see how this media impacts your day. You can use this media in positive ways to become intentional too.

These outlets allow us different ways to access other women of faith. To join groups for studying the word which we may not otherwise have, to meet with other women of faith for connection and fellowship from around the world.

You may have access to small groups online to meet with and share the holy bible as well as your intentional life. Ok now look at the previous year, and list any positives that came out from that period.

Build On

Things that you want to build on and nurture. This could be spending more quality time together as a family, eating as together at the dinner table.

It could be getting outside, spending time in nature, walking, cycling, running, playing board games or other fun activities, cooking or baking, movie nights, learning a new skill and the list can go on.

Now, look at what activities you would like to incorporate into your new day.

Have you done more bible study during the past year or you are looking to start making a devotional part of your routine? Or do you want spiritual growth to be part of each day for you and your family?

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10 Ways To Be Intentional As A Busy Christian Mama

Here are 10 practical ways that you implement daily that can increase your intentional time as a Christian mama. These are 10 ways to encourage you to make God part of your every day and to feel his presence more within your daily life.


Each day set goals that you want to achieve. They don’t have to be massive leaps, or if they are then you can break them down into smaller steps to reach a set target by a certain time.

This could be reading the bible in a year, starting a journal, praying on a regular basis, reading a book, starting a devotional, joining a bible study, and so on.

The time you allocate doesn’t need to be too long, you can allocate 10 to 15 minutes for reading or whatever time fits into your day. The best way is to schedule it as a set appointment and make the time for the things you want to actually do.

Just as you would do with a doctor’s appointment, a coffee date with a friend, or other important engagement you schedule into your week.

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Set boundaries for yourself. You are allowed to say NO to things that don’t bring you joy and you are allowed to not feel guilty about it.

These things can drain you and lead you away from the good things that God wants you to receive. In saying no to certain things you allow yourself to say yes to things that God has set in motion for you.

You can be more intentional with the time you have and use it for God’s work.

“Saying no to one thing is saying yes to the possibility of another.”

Ellie Roscher, 12 Tiny Things: Simple Ways to Live a More Intentional Life


Create a daily routine and systems that work for you and your family unit and then own it! Make it yours. Find joy in your day how you want to do it.

Be unique and authentic to yourself and the ones around you. Don’t be thrown off by others.

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Listen to a sermon, a faith-based podcast, a chapter of the bible from the bible app, or a faith-based book on audio as you do housework, cooking, go on a walk, or do the school run.


Set aside time for daily bible study. Whether this is in the morning, at lunchtime, or later in the evening. Find time each day no matter how long or short to spend time in the word.

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Select a new devotional or find a reading plan to encourage you in the word. Something that allows you to ask questions about yourself, your past, present, and future.

This will allow you to process emotions and look at areas of faith that you have grown in or maybe areas that you need to work on more. It will also give God the opportunity to reveal new things to you.

Also, try keeping your bible in a prominent position this may be in your kitchen, on the table, or by your desk, but just have it close at hand and open to read.

This small change can impact your day, as you pass your Bible at different points in the day while making a cup of coffee or sitting down for lunch it allows you the opportunity for additional reading if you wish.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Ephesians‬ ‭2:10


Do a prayer walk, when you need a boost get up and get outside, and feel God in the world around you. See that he is a living god in all the things that are around you in the outside world.

Pray as you walk, this doesn’t have to be out loud if you don’t want it to be but can be if the space allows.

You can pray for yourself, others, the place that you live, the city, the country, or world issues. You can just use it as your quiet time with god to reflect on what is going on at that moment.

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Listen to praise and worship music throughout the day, whether it’s in the car on the school run, while you are doing jobs around your home, or even to a home workout. You will be surprised at the difference that it makes to your day and your overall mood.


Surround yourself with scripture in your home decor or even with what you wear. Embrace the word of god and place it around your home and yourself. This can be with a favorite verse or with scripture quotations


End your day by meditating on God’s word. Find something to be grateful for at the end of each day. Review the day, repent for the things you need to and give thanks to the Lord for everything that was good.

Journal your thoughts, emotions, and anything that God reveals to you or scripture that stands out to you. Record your prayer requests or prayers that have been answered too.

How You Can Be More Intentional With Your Time As A Busy Christian Mama

Conclusion| What I Learnt About Becoming More Intentional With My Time As A Busy Christian Mama

After reviewing my routine, tasks, and systems as well as all of the other jobs that fall into my day I was able to see why I was so overwhelmed, weary, and unhappy.

For me, my tasks seemed to increase in the number that I needed to do on a daily basis, what with working from home as well as homeschooling coupled with being a wife, mother, the endless list of family chores as well as not having any way to really connect with other women of faith made me feel very lonely, overwhelmed, and unhappy.

I found that becoming intentional with my time allowed me to regain control of my day and the things that make me happy and fill me with joy.

It was also empowering to say no to things that didn’t actually make me happy or that I didn’t want to do. Being honest about why I didn’t want to do them was also freeing.

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Focus On Change

Focusing on activities that lift me emotionally, spiritually & physically, or spending time doing the right things for me actually makes me a much happier, relaxed, and calmer person.

We have so many things pulling at us for our attention, we feel that our lives can only be full if we have an endless to-do list that we will be seen by others to be doing enough, that this makes us a great wife, mother, daughter or friend.

When in actual fact we are just adding pressure to our already busy days. Making changes no matter how big or small can have a huge impact on our daily life and our emotional and spiritual well-being.

It can also have a knock-on effect on our partners, children, and others close to us when we are happier.

If you want to read the bible, pray, meet with other Christian women, and share your love of Christ regardless of the different stages your faith is at then you need to make the time within your day to do this.

Remember being intentional is not a selfish action, it is how you find and draw closer to God as well as creating more time with Him throughout each day. How will you be more Intentional?

Share With Me

I am so excited to see where this new journey takes me. It is another leap of faith, but it is a leap that I know that He wants me to take.

And while I don’t always feel qualified to talk about God. I know that He will equip me with whatever I need to Glorify His holy name.

If you want to read more about your purpose as a new Christian woman, then check out Why You Don’t Need To Be Perfect To Become A Christian

Gem xoxo

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