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In this blog post by Mama and The Word, I will show you how prayer journal prompts for mamas have helped me focus my thoughts and reflect on my daily prayer life. As well as being a great way of connecting to God each day as a busy Christian woman. So you no longer feel, alone, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It also encourages you to spend more time in god’s word and reflect on what God wants us to learn through prayer. So make sure to read to the end of the post, and don’t forget to grab my free 5-day reading plan for mamas.

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Here you will find 25 prayer prompts that will help you to reflect on god’s word in your prayer time. To help you can get the most out of your spiritual journey and journaling time.

It will give you new ways to connect and reflect on what God is trying to show you through bible passages, studies, or daily life with your family.

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Hi I’m Gem

I am a busy Christain wife & mama. I have been married for the last 15 years to my best friend. We have four wonderfully individual children together, 16, 14, and 4 (x2). 

We have lived in two different countries, traveled halfway around the world with our children, and back again. Experiencing some unique cultures, languages, and people.

I found God along the way too. It’s now my mission to share that journey with you and help you in your journey with God, your family, and your kitchen too. 

By giving you the tools and resources to help you grow closer to the Lord, understand your family more, and develop your skills in the kitchen. Each of us has a god-given gift or talent that he created us with for His purpose.

And if this is your first time visiting Mama & The Word, put a heart in the comment box below so I can officially welcome you to the community. 

open bible with sunflower - 25 prayer journal prompts

What Are Prayer Journal Prompts?

Prayer journal prompts are exactly what they say they are. There are questions that prompt you to consider or reflect on different aspects of your life, they can be serious questions and also fun too.

Prompts are a great way to focus your mind on certain questions or areas of your life. They can help you to have a better understanding or lead you to better understand why you do certain things.

Sometimes they can bring you clarity on a situation you find yourself in or lead you to a big breakthrough too.

It allows us to consider difficult questions that we avoid or think about things that we would like to change or find growth in new habits.

Now let’s look at some of the benefits of journaling below.

What Are The Benefits Of Prayer Journaling For Mamas?

For myself, I didn’t think I had the time to journal as a mother of four children as well as work, housework, homework, and anything else family related that you could throw in.

As mamas, we can give ourselves so many tasks to do daily but we take little time to enjoy the things that we actually want to do for ourselves.

We deem it as selfish or a luxury rather than seeing it as a necessary part of filling up our own cup before we can pour it into others. It has been shown that journaling can have positive health benefits which are as follows.

  • help reduce blood pressure
  • strengthen your immune system
  • aid better sleep
  • increase better overall health
  • helps people identify and accept their emotions
  • aids in managing or reducing stress
  • ease symptoms of mental health

The Cambridge Journal suggests that journaling your thoughts and emotions is extremely beneficial for helping to process our thoughts, feelings & emotions even for conditions such as PTSD and other life traumas.

What Do The Experts Say?

Read here for more information: Emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing | Advances in Psychiatric Treatment | Cambridge Core

For all of those times when you have found yourself tired and frustrated. Overwhelmed and alone, this is when we need to realize that we need to take some time for ourselves.

To rest and replenish our energy so that we can be the best wife, mothers, daughters, and friends we can be.

We need to rid ourselves of negative emotions and take a deep breath and find some positive energy to renew our spirit with because then we can move forward in the right direction again.

So pick a question each day and answer it wholeheartedly without the fear of scrutiny or judgment. It’s just you, your thoughts, and some paper. Just write.

woman praying to god in a field of wild flowers - 25 prayer journal prompts

Why Should I Use Prayer Journal Prompts For Mamas

Journal prompts are a great starting point for focusing your mind on a specific question for your daily journal.

For our wedding anniversary this year, my husband bought me a beautiful bible from Hosanna Revival. have beautifully designed fabric covers as well as leather-bound bibles too.

They also have a large print option and their standard print size. But what I love most about it is that it has wide margins for bible journaling and note-taking. My copy is an English Standard Version (ESV).

My favorite journaling bible is the ESV LARGE PRINT JOURNALING BIBLE: SALZBURG THEME

Whilst I love my bible, I also enjoy using the You version bible app. It is great for looking up specific bible verses and also has reading plans and other great features too. LINK TO YOUVERSION!!!

See what plan you can try here on the You version bible app.

25 Prayer Journal Prompts For Mamas

  • Write a prayer of thanks to God for something you feel he has blessed you with recently.
  • Choose scripture verses that resonate with your current situation and write a prayer to the Lord about it.
  • Write out the Lord’s prayer in your journal. as this will help you to recall it.
  • Today it’s time for a prayer of praise for all the things that you are grateful for, no matter how small.
  • Use your daily devotional and make a prayer from your reflections as a way to talk to God.
  • Pray a prayer about a specific situation in this season of your life.
  • Reflect on god’s goodness and use words of praise to highlight his goodness to you.
  • Write a prayer need that God has not answered yet.
  • Go on a spiritual walk and talk with God on this walk. Find a park bench and note down the things you talked to God about. Nature gives us a different perspective and relieves our stress.
  • Today write a love letter to God.
  • Placing your full trust in God, write a prayer today telling God about your future hopes and dreams. Remember nothing is too big.
  • Pray to God using your favorite scripture.
  • Tell God about the specific needs of someone special to you. What do they need and why?
  • On a piece of paper make a list of things you have experienced with your spiritual growth.
  • List everyday things that you take for granted and pray for them today. Thank your heavenly father for all of his provision.
  • Think of a personal relationship that you required God’s help with. What is the problem and how do you want to change it?
  • Using your church prayer list needs, pray to God for all of their needs today. Ask God to meet their needs and see how he works.
  • In this dark world, reflect on your own journey and see how God is guiding you with the holy spirit.
  • Pray using daily bible verses that you enjoy today.
  • God gives us each a great gift, thank him for this gift today and ask him how you can use this to glorify him more each day.
  • Pray for a family member who is experiencing hard times. How would you like God to help them?
  • In your own words describe to God how he helps you each day.
  • Using the different names for the Lord, pray a prayer of thanks for everything you have achieved this year.
  • How do you show god’s love for your family? What do you feel God telling you at this moment?
open bible with hearts - 25 prayer journal prompts

What I Learned From Using Prayer Journal Prompts For Mamas

I decided to try prayer journal prompts because I have found Christian journaling prompts along with the written word so insightful.

The journal prompts have helped me to grow spiritually and reflect on myself first and what god is wanting me to learn, then I can review everything else around me.

I am able to decern more in my faith journey with God by spending more time in his word but also by following his word and what he is trying to teach me.

Journaling has allowed me to reflect on what God wants over what I want, and in doing so it is helping me to transform and grow in my faith with the lord.

I have learned that trying to grow in faith requires work, time and hope in god. It is not an easy journey that can be done in a day. This requires a daily routine and a structure and a desire to reconnect with god each day.

And it has made me open up areas of my life that I wanted to remain closed but in doing this I was only hurting myself more.

Journaling allows me to process my thoughts and emotions, deal with past trauma and ask myself and god questions that can propel me forward instead of holding me back.

I struggled for a long time to understand what God wanted and how to read the bible, what prayer was, and how I could do it better.

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Love Gem xoxo

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